With the collaboration of Michael Peters Yacht Design in Sarasota, Florida, the Mag Bay has taken shape from a few sketches on a piece of paper to a complete boat running around the Pacific. Mike Howarth explained, “We know there are other good boats being made out there, so our goal is to be known as one of the finest made boats on the market. It is crucial that all of this effort is built upon a well-designed hull and for that reason, we use Michael Peters to create our designs. He did the last five of Cabo’s hulls and is regarded as one of the leading designers today. One has to put a lot of effort on the front end of the design to ensure the final product will be at its best.”

So much time and commitment go into the making of a boat that it consumes the thoughts and energy of the builders.

Both Mike and Barrett spend many full days that stretch long into the night, working on this labor of love. Barrett talks of boat projects he tackled as a young man, “I started off building these little 8-foot boats. We had a mold at Cabo and the guys would lay a boat up for me and I would do the seats and interior. The first one I did was so overbuilt it wasn’t even practical and we cut it up. When I was 14 or 15, I built two of these boats in my parents’ garage in Newport and sold them to local kids. We had to go and apologize to the neighbors for the smell of resin. Those were the first boats I built for someone else.”

But like his father, Barrett is quick to credit their team as the secret to Mag Bay’s success.

“All of our crew built boats with my father at Cabo and they are like family. Their hard work and dedication is why our vision has become a reality. They are the heart and soul of this operation.”

For these many reasons, the Mag Bay is building a loyal following of customers and dealers, as did the Howarth-built Cabo Yachts before it.

Founder: Mike and Barrett Howarth

Year Founded: 2015

Location:: Adelanto, CA

Boat Type Offered: Center Console & Express

Boat Sizes Offered: 33' & 42'