Caison Yachts was founded on a dream, born from Donnie Caison's personal pursuit of his own perfect boat - a 37-foot sport fisher, crafted in every detail to match the boat he had envisioned for years. What began as a dream boat has become Caison Yachts. Now occupying a 12,000 square foot facility with a full construction crew, Caison Yachts embodies Donnie's uncompromising passion for turning boating connoisseurs' wildest dreams into a reality.

Unlike production boats assembled in fiberglass from molds, Caison Yachts are built from wood using the traditional technique of cold molding, which yields a lighter craft with a smoother, quieter ride. Each boat starts with a wooden frame which is molded into shape. After the hull is sealed with high-strength marine epoxy, the wood is covered with a protective skin of fiberglass. Outfitting the boat's interior decor and amenities is the last step before a new Caison Yacht is ready for her maiden voyage.

Founder: Donnie Caison

Year Founded: 1999

Location:: Hampstead, NC

Boat Type Offered: Custom Build

Boat Sizes Offered: Custom Sizes