Billy Freeman was raised on the creeks and ocean of Charleston, South Carolina. An avid offshore fisherman his passion for boats and boat building ignited in his teenage years. Billy worked on, developed, and pondered the benefits of numerous mono hull and catamaran designs. The catamaran hull offered the ride he was looking for but they were slow and poor performing in many sea states. They tend to yaw, chatter, and pitch side to side in following seas. At the time Billy had a Manta 24 while it was a huge improvement over his previous mono hulls and cats, he felt there was still room for improvement. Billy knew fellow fisherman around the country wanted a fast, comfortable, stable ride but couldn’t deal with slow speeds, poor handling in certain conditions, and most important poor curb appeal of some catamarans.

There was a better way, he started with a vision and a dream. He took all the negatives and utilized the positives of his Manta and with a clean sheet of paper designed the 33 FREEMAN. The first hull was a huge success. The Venice Louisiana charter fleet, a group of hardcore offshore fisherman, a group that fishes 200 plus days a year, a group that DEMANDS performance from a boat and comfort for their clients, latched on to the design, the speed, the huge deck, and superior fishing of the 33 FREEMAN. Charter after charter, sea trial after sea trial, the Freeman catamarans have converted numerous mono hull owners looking for a better ride and catamaran owners seeking improved handling and speed.

Founder: Billy Freeman

Year Founded: 2007

Location:: Charleston, SC

Boat Type Offered: CAT

Boat Sizes Offered: 29', 34', 37', 42'

This is not your grandfathers catamaran