Why Boat Builders Trading Co?

Why Boat Builders Trading Co?

Boat Builders Trading Company began from an idea and a partnership wrapped around the love for the ocean, sport-fishing and the boats that make it all possible.  Phil and I both live in Raleigh, the mid point of NC, with a quick two hour ride to the coast or mountains.  Both of us have spent countless weeks at the coast enjoying the best that the Carolina's have to offer. With a background in technology and building small businesses, we set off to blend our passions with our business competencies to create this company.  I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that we love waking up everyday and getting to speak with the folks who make these boats come to life.  We take pride in making sure that every builder's unique style is reflected in their builders profile on our site and each visitor gets a chance to see the best that they offer in and out of the water. 


Our focus for Boat Builders Trading Co. is to create a community where anglers and fans of this lifestyle can come together to celebrate the craftsmanship and sport made possible by boat builders across the country.  Regardless of whether you love your 17' center console or your 90' yacht, our team wants to get you the best merchandise from all of your favorite builders and educate you on others up and down the coast. We are working hard to add new boat builders every week and create the most comprehensive list, from the biggest and smallest, boat builders in the US.  Boat Builders Trading Company thinks that every builder has a unique story that should be shared and some great gear that should be made accessible to anyone who wants to be a part of their story!


Take a look around and we hope that you get a chance to check out the newest additions to our site.  Both new boat builders and products are getting released every week.  If you like what you see and want to keep in touch, feel free to provide an email on the bottom of this page to receive updates on the new gear and builders coming soon.   We will also include special discounts and notices on upcoming events for boat builders near you.


- JZ

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