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Ultra High Performance Is Our Standard

With an internationally acclaimed racing hull, we deliver anglers with the fastest, smoothest, most-stable and dry-running open-fisherman on the market today. While we pride ourselves on our racing heritage and the undeniable speed of our final product, we pay closest attention to the safety and craftsmanship of each individual boat we create. Because we focus our efforts on every detail of the construction process, we feel comfortable offering an unprecedented lifetime warranty on the hull and deck, something no other manufacturer is bold enough to do. Our engineering team chooses to use proven and reliable materials like Kevlar to reinforce the hull and has developed and refined a rotating mold system and vacuum-bagging technique using Airex foam core and Core-Cell to maintain a light, yet virtually unsinkable skeleton for every Jaguar model. Not only that but every boat we build is hand-crafted based on your specifications and is completely customizable. All of the bells and whistles one would expect to find on any leading open-fish are available to be built in – with your imagination and our expertise, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together!

Founder: Jack Clarke

Year Founded: 1985

Location:: Hollywood, FL & High Point, NC

Boat Type Offered: Power Catamaran

Boat Sizes Offered: 27', 30', 32', 37', 43', 47'