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Forrester Boatworks was born in the heart of a young boy, who was totally memorized by the lines of a hand crafted boat. Whether it was sitting in a boat shop covered in Juniper dust or knifing through the waves of a salty inlet, Carson just could not get his mind off of these beautiful crafts.

Later in life Carson became a boat captain, which afforded him the opportunity to operate many different custom and production built boats. This allowed him to learn the strength and weaknesses of different hull designs and construction types. Being the captain on three different new custom builds, also gave Carson the opportunity to see how different builders built their boats and ran their shops. It was during this time that he was able to pick up great ideas from some of the best boat builders in the country that he could later be able to use in his own shop.

Being a Boat captain was starting to take Carson away from his family more and more and family is his first priority. Carson decided to get off the private boat, that he had been operating for a few years, and was given the chance to work part time in a Manteo, North Carolina boat shop. While he was working in the boat shop he had started his first small hunting skiff for a gentleman in Virginia. That boat led to building another small skiff and it has continued from there. The boats continue to grow in size with Carson’s ultimate dream to build beautiful sportfish boats that will meet every expectation of the owner.

We believe that the custom boat building process is the only way to truly meet every need and want that the owner and family may have. This process starts with sitting down with the client, discussing ideas, sketching and laying down lines with pencil and paper and finally this is where the boat is born. From this point we can loft the boat on the floor of our shop or we can enter the lines into a CAD program where a CNC cut jig is produced. It is then that the craftsmen at Forrester Boatworks will create a beautiful, one of a kind, custom cold molded boat. The Cold molding process produces a light weight strong boat that is extremely quiet and gives a great ride. Forrester Boatworks will take great pride in designing and building the dream boat that you have always wanted!

Founder: Carson Forrester

Year Founded: 2014

Location:: Suffolk, VA

Boat Type Offered: Custom Build

Boat Sizes Offered: Custom Sizes